Tree assessments and maintenance contracts

There are trees in the landscape that are heritage specimens, have created value to the ambiance or that have great sentiment to their custodians.   These trees often have specific requirements in terms of their age, species and vigour.

We offer detailed tree assessments and based on our findings, we develop and implement maintenance contracts that will increase the longevity of these trees and will create the same values to future custodians.

Root management and barrier systems 

There are instances when a tree’s root system has been identified as a potential problem to the surrounds.  In such cases the roots may need to be pruned or an underground root barrier is installed to manage the potential problem.

We can undertake an assessment and recommend remedial action that identifies the risk and the possible negative biological impact the remedial management will have on the tree. We design, supply and install correct root pruning or suitable barrier systems to suit your particular application.

Tree anchoring, cabling & bracing systems

All trees have a roots system that is the primary source of obtaining “food & water” in order for the tree to sustain itself.  Another important function of the roots is to provide mechanical stability to the tree. Baby trees, large trees with poor root development and transplanted open ground trees may sometimes require mechanical support to help them re-establish themselves correctly.

Tree anchoring systems

We design and install mechanical tree anchoring systems to suit the required development of specific trees.  These systems can be below or above ground and are installed to best suit the tree.  Each system is designed to be flexible to encourage limited and controlled movement in the tree which helps to stimulate strong and vigorous root development.  We inspect the installed systems regularly during the tree’s root re-establishment and make adjustments where required

Cabling & bracing systems 

As trees grow, they can develop defects due to growing condition or other conditions introduced by both nature and humans. Although weakness and defects are not always noticeable to the untrained eye, we can undertake a tree assessment and recommend where the tree will require cable and brace supports. These supports will remain on the tree for its entire life and once installed they need to be inspected by a competent person regularly – this is to ensure they are tree’s structural integrity is at its optimum and just as importantly the tree’s vigour has not been compromised.  Tree cabling and bracing is the installation of flexible steel strand cables and braces in trees to reduce stress damage from high winds, the weight of heavy foliage.

Urban development, landscape tree identification and audits  

With urbanisation on the increase, the risk to the surrounding trees increases. The type of risks includes but is not limited to:

  • Removal of a tree to make way for the development
  • Incorrect pruning of tree foliage and roots to accommodate the development
  • Developments may interfere with the ground water levels and flow directions
  • We offer comprehensive site audits which will allow the custodian to review all facts prior to any decision being made regarding the tree.

Identification and tagging of trees

There are instances where the tree custodian wants to identify and tag a tree where the relevant details may be kept on a tree register such as at schools, universities and alike.

  • We have the skill and knowledge to identify all tree species known to ourselves. This allows us in conjunction with the custodian to determine if the tree is exotic, indigenous, endemic or invasive.  Where applicable, we can supply and fit tree tags to the identified trees.   Tree identification, tags and GPS locations can be added to typically, but not limited to, trees at a heritigate site, birthday trees, memorial trees, tree of the year.

Tree replacement recommendations and policies 

Over the years the landscape surround changes, trees get larger, some are infected with pests and diseases, some are causing potential risk to infrastructure and others no longer serve the purpose of the landscape.

  • We undertake site assessments to determine and recommend the ideal trees to suit the landscape in terms of bird life, colour, smell, water wise and general suitability. We can also assist with the generation and implementation of tree replacement policies to suit the budget available and management of the possible negative impact from the public pertaining to the remedial action required on the tree.

Industrial Vegetation Management (IVM)

Undesirable plants such as weeds and invasive plants that have no useful economic purpose are required to be controlled in terms of the Conservation of Agricultural Resources Act (Act 43 of 1983).

  • We develop and implement an Industrial Vegetation Management (IVM) programme which is the practice of managing and promoting low growth vegetation. We identify right-of-way areas for pedestrians and traffic as well as infrastructure.  The undesirable plant is identified and the best management practice is employed to ensure optimum management of the encroachment areas.

Drainage systems

Water is a critical element to a plant’s survival.   Excessive water can be detrimental to a plant as the plant can either go into stress and decline or die.  During this process the plant becomes more susceptible to pests and disease infestation, which in-turn can speed up the plant’s demise or provide a gateway for hosting pests and diseases that can encroach on other plants.