Tree surgery

Tree surgery is a specialised service and takes into account ultimate well-being of the tree as well as the risk to life and property.  Tree surgery employs specific techniques in the work process.

Part of the surgical services include:

  • Crown reductions and re-shaping
  • Crown thinning
  • Crown lifting and cleaning
  • Dead, dying and dangerous trees or timber removed
  • Formative pruning, coppicing and pollarding
  • Root pruning

Tree biological inspections, reports and treatments

 Just like human beings, trees are living beings and they also get sick. You will visit your Doctor when you get sick, but for your sick tree, we send the TREE DOCTOR to you.

Our assessment of your sick tree will entail the following :

  • Visual diagnosis
  • Observation of tree growth can furnish direct evidence of the nutritional conditions
  • Soil test – Interpretation of soil tests provide assessments of the amount of available nutrients in the soil
  • Recommendations for fertilisation may be based on the results of soil tests
  • Chemical soil tests may also measure salinity, pH, and presence of elements that may have inhibitory effects on plant growth
  • Tissue tests to determine the absorption rate of the nutrients by the plant
  • This entire process allows us to determine a baseline of the tree’s health status
  • This baseline is used as a management tool to determine the effectiveness of any recommended remedial action
  • A written report in terms of ANSI A300 requirements will be issued