Saving trees just makes sense.  On occasions, big trees can become an obstruction during building and road construction, a tree may have outgrown its current location, the custodian wants to either reposition a tree or move the tree to new premises.   In either of these scenarios, we can provide a quality, turn-key solution.


  • Tree transplanting – We are skilled and have many years of experience in the transplanting of large specimen trees, palms and plants. To ensure the best success of a tree transplant, we undertake a site inspection to determine the tree type, risk, survival and financial implication of the relocation. Although transplanting trees is more expensive than tree felling, the owner is essentially paying for the TIME that it has taken for the tree to grow into a large specimen.  The gratification of saving a tree instead of felling it, outstrips the financial costs associated with such big tree work and a specimen tree will still provide years of pleasure to the owner in its new location.
  • Tree storage and preservation on and off site – During construction, building or renovation work, there may be a requirement for trees and plants to be temporary relocated until the site work is completed. We offer removal, replanting into bags and temporary storage of your trees and plants, either on your own site or at our Bredell holding yard.   Storage at our Bredell yard will attract a weekly or monthly maintenance cost to ensure that your trees and plants remain in optimum condition during the storage phase. 
  • Site management and rigging teams – Should the customer choose to provide their own resources such as capital equipment and labour, we then offer a support services of site management, rigging equipment and crews.