Ray Rockhill
“Doctor or Prof”

Ray is responsible for the operational and technical activities within the company.  He was given the nicknames “Doctor or Prof” based on his academic qualifications and his technical speaking ability when discussing issues pertaining to trees and palms.


Christelle is responsible for the operational, commercial and administrative functions within the company. She was given the nickname “Die Boom Vrou” based on her extensive knowledge on our trees, palms and plants.

Michael Lawana

He was given the nickname “Clicks” by management as he loves dancing and the staff would click their fingers and mimic his actions. This always provides great entertainment for the team.

Laeki Ndewa

Laeki is responsible for both on and off-site activities for the company.  He was given the name nickname “Luckyee” by management based on him being awarded numerous prizes during our Christmas year-end functions.



Ray initially started his career off in Research & Development within the electro-mechanical industry more than 40 years ago.  Through the years he progressed to the positions of a divisional project and engineering manager.  This function entailed the development and implementation as well as the management of systems within the workplace to ensure full compliance to both local and international standards within his work industry.  Document and report writing were a key part of his function.

With his passion for greening up the World, he decided to apply his knowledge to the tree and plant industry.  Based on his formal education and experience, he applied his knowledge to undertake forensic tree work as well as mastering the relocation of large specimen trees, palms and plants, both locally and internationally.  He is responsible for the technical requirements of the customers.  He writes technical reports pertaining to the well-being and integrity of trees, palms and plants.  In order to ensure that his knowledge is kept abreast with the times, he liaises with various accredited institutions throughout the World.



Christelle started her career off as a retail buyer at De Beers Consolidated Mines.  She then migrated into project management and administration for various OEM suppliers within the mining industry.  She has over 30-years of experience in project management and administration.

With her aspiration to start her own business and her love for big trees, she co-founded Nectasource (Pty) Ltd.   Based on her years of knowledge in project management and administration, she now applies these skills to effectively manage the business.



Michael is responsible for all yard activities, including management of tree stock, tree maintenance as well as the company’s operational equipment.

He has been with the company since 2000.  He initially started off as a general labourer.  Based on his enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge, he was encouraged by management accompany Ray on forensic tree assessments where he now applies his knowledge to the yard operations.

His work knowledge and enthusiasm became an asset to the company and he now is the yard supervisor.



He has been with the company since 2004.  He started his career in the company as a plumber where he accompanied the rigging team during tree relocations, with the purpose of re-routing or repair water pipes.

His work knowledge and enthusiasm became an asset to the company and he now is the senior supervisor.