Nectasource is a registered exporter of trees and plant material.  As an exporting country, South Africa has to comply with the import conditions of a specific country or group of countries by issuing phytosanitary certificates.  We sanitise all trees and plant material according to the importing country’s requirements and prior to container loading, these certificates are issued by the South African Department Agriculture.

Nectasource undertakes turn-key export projects, in particular Phoenix Canariensis (Canary/Date Palms). We provide full project, quality and logistics management as well as technical expertise from the onset of the project through to the installation at the end-user’s site, if required.

Nectasource has also undertaken numerous tree exports that include Jacaranda mimosifolia (Jacaranda) Bolusanthus Speciosus (Tree Wisteria) as well as Adansonia Digitate (Baobab) trees.